About Us

Capital Wing is a spin-off of GMB Consulting. We are a group of professionals driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, with a clear vision and solid expertise in our field. We use our experience to guide and support our clients at every stage of their business journey.

Capital Wing is: Passion. Reliability. Integrity. Confidentiality.

Passion enthusiasm and flair in what we do.

Reliability we deliver on our commitments.

Integrity ethics and honesty in business.

Confidentiality secrecy and discretion.

Gian Marco

Gian Marco ha oltre 15 anni di esperienza nel Corporate Investment Banking.

He started his career at the Italian Stock Exchange, helped found Martingale Risk in 2008, and founded GMB Finance in 2014. Gian Marco has extensive experience with investment funds, SMEs and in the areas of structured finance, hedging and technical consulting for the Italian courts. He has been involved in numerous M&A transactions in the energy sector (PV and wind) in both the secondary and primary markets (buying/selling pipelines of projects under approval or RTB). To date, Gian Marco has advised on more than 900 MW of transactions.


Tecla graduated in Economics and Business Administration from Luiss Guido Carli University in Rome in 2011, before starting her career at Johnson & Johnson. In 2014 she co-founded GMB Finance with Gian Marco Bardelli. Tecla has over 10 years of experience in project finance and strategic consulting. Tecla has been involved in transactions totalling 500 MW.


Graduating with honors from the Faculty of Economics at La Sapienza University, Leonardo began his professional journey at KPMG Corporate Finance in 2003. From 2008 onwards, he continued his professional career at EY, working in both Corporate Finance and insolvency. He relocated to Luxembourg to work at the investment holding company Sintonia SA in the field of M&A transactions. Later, he served as the Finance Director of the Finnish company OY Nautor AB (i.e., Nautor’s Swan by L. Ferragamo) and Accuracy. Starting in 2018, he further developed his expertise in insolvency at the Costantini & Partners firm, also obtaining certification as a Chartered Accountant and Expert Accountant from the ODCEC of Rome.


After graduating in Economics and Finance, he specialised in banking and finance before starting his career at GMB Finance in 2014. Over the years he has developed broad quantitative skills and considerable experience, driven by a genuine passion and curiosity for financial issues. Matthew has been involved in financial modelling and business planning for over 10 years. To date, Matthew has advised on transactions totalling more than 600 MW.


After graduating in law from Luiss Guido Carli University in Rome, she worked as a legal consultant specialising in financial services before joining GMB Finance in 2014. Driven by passion and interest in all that she does in her day-to-day work, she has developed extensive knowledge of banking and finance. She has a proven track record in financial restructuring, project finance and M&As for PV projects under approval/RTB. To date, Emanuela has been involved in more than 700 MW of transactions.


After graduating with a degree in economics, Fabio gained further practical financial experience working for an asset management firm. He started working for GMB Finance in 2014, and as his knowledge of the company's specifics grew, he became an expert in derivatives, corporate restructuring and M&As in the energy industry. Fabio has advised on transactions totalling 300MW.

Gian Franco

Gian Franco has an impressive professional background with a decade of experience in hedging and corporate finance, particularly in the renewable energy sector. During his many years in the industry, he has developed excellent expertise in derivatives, corporate restructuring and M&As in the energy sector. Gian Franco has advised on major transactions involving more than 300 MW of power generation capacity. His dedication and expertise have made him a valuable advisor on strategic renewable energy projects.